shut down your eyes
‘Shut Down Your Eyes,

Log On Some Memories,
Download Some Dreams,

Save Some Joys,
Delete All Your Sorrows..

Have A Nice Sleep…
Its onLy mE pUtting a blAnket oN u.

So, u woN’t fEeL coLd,
Have a loVly,


PeAceful Night.
SweEt DreAms…!

~Go_Od Night~ ‘
‘Itni aadat c ho gai hy ab to meri neend ko b,

K utarti hi nhi aankon me jab tak mehv-e-kalam na ho tum se.. ‘
‘You Should Always Dream Big …

For That You Should
Sleep Quite Often … ‘
‘Agr tum gungunao to
hamen ß nend ajaye,

Gazal koi sunao to
hamen ß nend ajaye

Suno…Yeh roshni aankhun me chubhne si lagi hai ab,
Charagon ko ßujhao to

hamen ß nend ajaye
Kbi fursat mily to tum hamary sath kch lamhy,

Mohabt k ßitao to
hamen ß nend ajaye

Sulagti rat me awaz ka apni zra sa tum,
Agr jadu jagao to

hamen ß nend ajaye
Tum apne narm hathun se hamary sar ko sehla’o,

Mohabt se sulao to
hamen ß nend ajaye

Hamare raston se khaar chunn kr narm pholun ka,
Agr ßistar ßichao to

hamen ß nend ajaye
Zara sa housla kr k nibhao apne wadon ko,

Sitary torr lao to
hamen ß nend ajaye

Ajb sa ßojh hai dil per, agr yeh ßojh il per se,
Kisi din tum hatao to

hamen ß nend ajaye..! ‘
‘Ek kahawat hy.
“kanjos dosto se neend behtar hy”
‘Dunia.!!. Walo..
* (‘.’)

. _/| |_ ‘|’

Me son lgan meri juti koi na chukke
‘in d quite h0uRs 0f the night,
when d staRs illuMinate d sky,

i gaze upon each 0Rb 0f light

wish f0R u a peacefuL night’
gOoD nIgHt… ‘
‘Every night i get tired eyes
My feet don’t reach the ground

Then i’m with you
I get by ’cause i know that you’re near me

So baby close your eyes
I can sleep tonight

All because of you
Every night when the fire flies

The walls come tumblin’ down at the bajou
I get by ’cause i know that you’re near me

So baby close your eyes
I can sleep tonight

All because of you
I’ll keep singin’ my love song

In my mind i’ll sing a song for you
You can see through the music

That’s in my mind
So baby close your eyes

I can sleep tonight
All because of you

All because of you
All because of you ‘
‘Your life is as lonely as you would like to make.
Your joy is as much as you decide to feel.

Your night is as long as you want to wake.
Your destination is as far as u decide 2 walk

No one sets limits 4 you,
No one catch the span of the sky

Ur sky is as much as u would want 2 reach. . .
All u need is 2 rise, so spread ur wings and decide to fly. .

May the forces of Nature be with you!

“Good Night”
God Bless u… ‘
‘Difference between horror and beautiful
A beautiful night is wen u hug ur teddy bear nd sleep..

but horror is wen it hugs u bAck
AAaaaaaaa……. ‘
‘ ‘Sun Is Switched Off!
Stars Are Switched On!

Blue Sky Goes Off

Black Sky Comes In!
So A Cool Night Is Coming!

Go To Bed! And Sleep Well. ‘
‘‎”Good Night”
Koi Ghalti Ya Koi Baat Buri Lagi Ho To Maaf Krdijiye Ga,

Pata Nhi Subha Aankh Khule Ya

Dupeher Ko. ’
‘Ap ko pata hai k
mein kia ho raha hai
” Raat” ho rhi hay(sojao)
{ “GOOD Night” }

~Lot’s of love~
‘Mera naam bol k soya kro
Khirki khol k soya kro

Takiya mor k soya kro

Raat ko hm ayenge khwabo mei is liye
Thori jaga chor k soya kro

Before V Sleep,
Just Gently Lay Every Troubled Thought Away,

Let’s Drop Our Burdens & Our Care
In The Quiet Arms Of Prayer.

Sleep In Peace,

GOD Is Awake. . .
Let’s Wish A Great Dream

Tonight . . . =] ‘
‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,

Night Is Meant For Sleeping Yaar,
So Take A Pillow And Soja YAAR

Good Night
‘Don’t let little things get you down.
You’ve got many big reasons to look up

to God and say thanks tonight.
Tomorrow, it’s going to be great day.

Have peaceful sleep.
‘.: I t
I s

B e t t e r

T o
D i e
W i t h
M e m o r i e s
T h a n
T o
L i v e

W i t h
O n l y
D r e a m s … ! ! !

G o0 d Night~|~
ROCKS. . . .

*;,(~_~) ,;* “*;,;*”
GooD nIghT

“”/”"/;*”*;, / ,;* |___|OU”

‘Welcome 2 “GOOD-NITE”

…Cool Pillow,

Cool Water Bed,
Hot Blanket

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Free Cool Dreams

Thank you.
Please Visit Agn
GOOD NITE … (: ‘
Bari mushkil sy sulany
lga hon apni Aankhon ko

tery khawabon ka lalach dy kr,
Aaj aik Bar mery khawab mein

aa jana k meri ankhon ka
Aitbar reh jay

=G00d Night=