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Here at Lovely Shairy we try our level best to post fresh and latest Poetry. As for poetry reference to poet (where known) is given at the end or mentioned as unknown poet.
Quotes / Quotations
If you feel any of the quote here belongs to you, or if you know the real author give us reference to it and we will be happy to give reference to your or original author. Simply email to content [at] LovelyShairy.com
Lovelyshairy.com team cannot be held responsible for any content or activity resulting any kind of loss to an individual or group.
Team / Volunteers
Lovelyshairy.com have hundreds of volunteers who shares elegant, fresh and unique information ince 2007. You can be part of our team, or share voluntarily by emailing to content[at] Lovelyshairy.com .
Copyright Laws
Lovelyshairy.com respects copyright laws and doesn’t publish any Poetry / text message or content without the permissions of its owner (where ever desired). Although Lovelyshairy.com strictly prohibit unlawful publishing of copyrighted material but there is still some chances that you may find any such content at the website. So if you find any content violating copyright laws, please contact us via email to content[at] Lovelyshairy.com so that we may take appropriate action (either remove it or give due credit whichever deem fits).
Contact for content policy clarification
In case of any question or query regarding content published on our website [ http://www.Lovelyshairy.com/ ], please write an email to content{AT] Lovelyshairy.com